Cancellation terms

>if the cancellation occurs within 10 days before arrival - 15% cancellation
>if the cancellation occurs from 2 to 9 days before arrival - cancellation fee 60%
>if the cancellation occurs from 1 day before arrival, resp. If the cancellation is not made on that day, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total price of the stay.

The accommodation provider will not charge any cancellation fees in case of cancellation only in case of serious illness or death of the guest (to be documented).

Cancellation fee will not be charged if the stay is cancelled by the accommodation provider.
In the event of early termination or interruption of the stay without fault on the part of the accommodation provider, the latter shall not be obliged to refund the price paid for the stay or its pro rata part. However, the accommodation provider may, for particularly compelling reasons, deviate from this provision.

Reservations made by the accommodation provider for long-term stays are binding only after the advance payment for the stay has been made. The deposit is usually, unless the accommodation provider and the accommodation holder agree otherwise, 30% of the total price.

Reservations for accommodation are made via the form.